About Us

About Us

Barrier Waterman LLC is the sole distributor for AquaEye® in the USA. We are devoted to putting AquaEye® into the hands of as many rescuers as possible to minimize the amount of trauma not only to the family but the rescuers alike. We are proud to partner with the Canadian company, Vodasafe, the developers of AquaEye® and the Lifesaving Society Ontario. Our team of salesmen and industry experts provide a wealth of information with regards to water rescue and recovery. In water rescue every second counts. Our goal is to make the difficult process of water rescue & recovery as simple and effective as possible, while reducing the need for costly additional resources. Our team is assembled of highly skilled and experienced professional water rescuers who have all experienced drowning tragedies. Our sales team has been tasked with providing not only an excellent customer service experience but also professionally delivered AquaEye® training classes. Take comfort knowing our trainers will educate your employees with a complete understanding of AquaEye® capabilities and limitations. For a more comprehensive look at what else Barrier Waterman offers, please take a look at www.barrierwaterman.com.

Our Team

Phill Lloyd

Phill Lloyd is the founder and CEO of Barrier Waterman LLC, the sole distributor for AquaEye® and Dolphin Surf Craft in the USA. Originally from Australia, Phill was brought up in the surf life saving system there and became a professional lifeguard at the age of 17. His entire professional career since then has been devoted to rescue. Phill has over 25 years combined Ocean Lifeguard, EMS and Firefighter experience in Australia and USA. Phill is an avid surfer, endurance athlete and surf sports competitor & coach. He is also an athlete representative for the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA). Phill has personally witnessed the loss from drowning and is devoted to bringing the AquaEye® into the hands of as many rescuers as possible.

Jay Butki

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A.J. Miller

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Ryan Matthews

Professional Rescue for 23 years LG 23 years, 17 FT, 6 PT Sea Bright Ocean Rescue, Belmar BP, LACO LG 1year (ranked 2nd in Academy), Deal BP Training Officer 2yrs, Ocean Grove BPA PFD 3 years, PFANJ Valor Award Recipient for an ocean rescue 2017 Mon Co National Team Coach (current)LG Sport- 4 time USLA National Champion LG Sport- 4 time USLA National Champion 5 Time overall winner SEA NYC 26 mi 5 Time overall winner SEA NYC 26mi Cape to Cape Overall winner 1st year Avid tube hunter/surfer 5mil Only!

VodaSafe Team

Carlyn Loncaric

Carlyn is the founder and CEO of VodaSafe, and an engineer with over ten years of lifeguarding experience. Witnessing first-hand the trials and tribulations of water rescue led Carlyn to envision a sonar equipment as a simple tool in hand that would help save lives, VodaSafe and its AquaEye™ were born. Carlyn believes that VodaSafe’s AquaEye™ will be to waterfront rescue what the AED or portable defibrillator has been for CPR.

Patrick Davies

Patrick is a mechanical and product engineer working on the design, operation and user experience of the AquaEye™. He brings valuable knowledge of mechanical design and product development from Vancouver’s biotech industry, where product quality and reliability is paramount. His passion for creating products that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives brought him to Vodasafe.

Tavis Pedersen

Tavis is a researcher and engineer at Vodasafe working on testing, firmware, and algorithm development. At home both in the water and the office, Tavis leverages his education in Engineering Physics and machine learning to join in building the brain behind the AquaEye. He is inspired by the impact technology can make in reducing the number of deaths by drowning and in the search and rescue world in general. Tavis has an especially deep appreciation of the efforts of lifesaving and search and rescue professionals.