About Barrier Waterman LLC


Barrier Waterman LLC is the proud distributor for AquaEye® handheld sonar device in the USA. We are devoted to putting AquaEye into the hands of as many emergency responders as possible to minimize the amount of trauma not only to the family but the responders alike. We are proud to partner with the Canadian company, Vodasafe, the developers of AquaEye and Lifesaving Society Ontario. Our team of salesmen and industry experts provide a wealth of information with regards to water rescue, search and recovery. In water rescue and recovery every second counts. Our goal is to make the difficult process of water rescue & recovery as simple and effective as possible, while reducing the need for costly additional resources. Our team is assembled of highly skilled and experienced professional water responders who have all experienced drowning tragedies. Our sales team has been tasked with providing not only an excellent customer service experience but also professionally delivered AquaEye® training classes. Take comfort knowing our trainers will educate your employees with a complete understanding of AquaEye capabilities and limitations.


AquaEye® is an advanced handheld sonar device, using the latest in ultrasound and AI technologies to identify human bodies underwater.


We offer training for anyone who has purchased or is interested in purchasing AquaEye®. We offer a variety of training sessions for all needs.


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