What is it?

The AquaEye® is our one of a kind product that provides modern methods for open water search and rescue. It is an advanced hand-held underwater scanner, using the latest in ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies to identify human bodies underwater.

The AquaEye® is durable and designed to survive in all weather conditions and unpredictable environments.

The AquaEye® is easy to use, only requires one rescuers to operate, will scan large areas of 50-meter radius and display visual representations of the search area within seconds, allowing users to locate their victims immediately. To learn more visit: Overview – What is the AquaEye Handheld Scanner?

The AquaEye® can be submerged up to 5m (16-17 ft).

The AquaEye® comes with a charging dock, charging cord and a user manual.

How To Use?

When using the AquaEye® it will show an ‘X’ for an object which has a higher likelihood of being a body and an ‘O’ for a object that is less likely to be a person.

To use the AquaEye® begin by turning it on, then select the range, position yourself in the water, submerge the AquaEye®, scan the area of interest, locate objects on the screen, navigate to located objects, submerge and recover. To learn more, visit our video tutorial section.

The AquaEye® user does not have to be in the water. However, the AquaEye® sensor must be fully submerged when in use; meaning only the users hand must be in the water. The user can also utilize the AquaEye while swimming, diving, or off the side of docks and personal watercrafts.

Yes, the AquaEye® comes equipped with a built-in backlight for dark environments.

The recommended storage temperature is between 10 and 35 degrees C, around room temperature. Try to keep the AquaEye® in and easily accessible location in the event of an emergency and out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.

How To Buy?

To purchase an AquaEye® for yourself or your organization contact us through our Quick Contact Form or call us at 877-413-8332.

The AquaEye® costs: (Introductory Pricing Options Available)

There is also an AquaEye® storage case, which bought together is at a discount. (Introductory Pricing Options Available)

If purchasing more than 4  AquaEye® there is a discount.

Community, Users, Feedback

Yes, to see our testimonials visit: AquaEye® Testimonials.

To speak to someone for more information, fill out a form on our contact page or email us at info@aquaeye.com.

General Questions

Yes, the AquaEye® floats.

The AquaEye® weighs 3 pounds.

The different ranges for the AquaEye® are short range (10m), medium range (20m) and long range (50m) which can be cycled through using the range/power button.

Under normal conditions, when the AquaEye® is fully charged it will operate for 8 hours before requiring a recharge. If the AquaEye® is on standby without being used for long periods of time we recommend recharging it once every 2-3 months.

Yes, there is a one (1) year warranty on the AquaEye®.