Shipping and Return Policies

Delivery and Shipping

FOB Destination: Shipping is free and buyer takes ownership upon acceptance.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping.


  1. AquaEye® Warranty
    Barrier Waterman warrants that the AquaEye will be shipped free of defect and will be suitable for use. Barrier Waterman will provide warranty service to Clients during regular business hours, troubleshooting the AquaEye® upon request, and will manage warranty inquiries received by mail or over the Internet. The AquaEye is covered by a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of sale.
  2. AquaEye® Warranty Exclusions
    Excluded from the AquaEye warranty are those products where the repair becomes necessary due to normal wear and tear, abuse, misuse, neglect, accident, wrong care or any other cause beyond the control of Barrier Waterman or the manufacturer. Also excluded are those products showing defects, which have not been communicated to Barrier Waterman in writing immediately after discovery and within the respective period of warranty.
  3. AquaEye® Warranty Conditions
    The product warranty is given under the conditions that:
    (a) the AquaEye® will not be stored, handled or transported improperly by the Client;
    (b) Client must send Barrier Waterman a list indicating the AquaEye® identifying number, quantity of each defective unit, and clear description of defect;
    (c) in case of repair, the defective products shall be repaired by VodaSafe Inc.; and
    (d) Barrier Waterman, at its discretion, will then replace the AquaEye® unit and return the damaged unit as directed by Lifesaving Society to either VodaSafe Inc. Inc. or the Lifesaving Society, along with all use case and damage information provided by Client.

Performance Guarantee:

Barrier Waterman wants our customers to be happy with their AquaEye® purchase. For this reason we can provide you with a Performance Guarantee.  For more specific information on our Performance Guarantee please contact us


AquaEye® is an advanced handheld sonar device, using the latest in ultrasound and AI technologies to identify human bodies underwater.


We offer training for anyone who has purchased or is interested in purchasing AquaEye®. We offer a variety of training sessions for all needs.


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