Training for AquaEye®

For the best and most accurate AquaEye® scanning techniques and results, we recommend training.

There are currently 4 AquaEye® training options. These different options are provided for you to purchase a level of training to suit your organizations needs. Training is provided for emergency services and summer camp Lifeguard staff to equip themselves with the knowledge and know how to use AquaEye correctly for their level of response. AquaEye Rescue Operations / AquaEye Advanced Technician classes are for professional responders and organizations requiring their staff to learn advanced scanning skills. These advanced skills will assist them in educating AquaEye Fundamentals to fellow employees.

1. AquaEye® Fundamentals Virtual Training - Free

AquaEye® Fundamentals Virtual Training is available free of charge with every AquaEye purchase. If you do not want professional trainers to come to your organization and teach our more hands-on classes, the AquaEye Fundamentals Virtual Training can be scheduled with our training staff over video chat. This option will provide enough information for correct AquaEye operation. We have created an excellent zoom share screen experience that will have you operating AquaEye like a pro in just over 1 hour.


2. AquaEye® Fundamentals Training On-Site - Contact us for pricing & training arrangements

This class is designed to teach operators how to take the information from AquaEye® and make better/safer decisions before going underwater. Our trainers come to your location and training will be conducted at two local water hazards. The information includes fundamental knowledge required to correctly operate AquaEye. We tailor implementation of AquaEye into your departments operating guidelines and educate how this tool is not only used for rescue and recovery, but also responder safety, positive public messaging and perceptions rescue departments deal with during drowning incidents.

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3. AquaEye® Rescue Operations Class On-Site (Under Development)


4. AquaEye® Advanced Technician Class On-Site (Under Development)



AquaEye® is an advanced handheld sonar device, using the latest in ultrasound and AI technologies to identify human bodies underwater.


We offer training for anyone who has purchased or is interested in purchasing AquaEye®. We offer a variety of training sessions for all needs.


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